Why buy air time on the radio?

Faithful listeners

• A well known publication, The Radio Marketing Guide and Fact Book, describes radio as a selective medium, mobile and intimate.(1) , which basically means that people who listen to radio form habits and become faithful listeners to a particular station or program and the hosts they like. What’s more, these people can listen to their favourite station or deejay wherever they are.
• Envol 91 FM is a membership run radio station with a variety of listeners. Members support their station as it is a part of the community and contributes to its culture.

French language advertising gets a high response rate

• A study conducted within a bilingual market (Montreal) by ComOuest(2) found that francophones pay more attention to advertising in their preferred language.
• With Envol 91 FM, your business reaches a multilingual audience and faithful listeners in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas such as Saint-Adolphe, Saint-Laurent and Île des Chênes and of course Saint-Boniface, within a radius of 120 km.

Advertising at Envol 91 FM offers flexibility at a reasonable rate

• Compared to other media, our production costs are small. You may therefore reach a larger audience so that the listener remembers the name of your business for future contact. Radio advertising is an ideal way to promote your product or announce specials on product offerings during special days or holidays.
• Envol 91 FM allows you to advertise in 15 to 45 second time slots during regular broadcast hours or to sponsor particular programs reaching various audiences interested in health issues, sports, arts, etc.
• Envol 91 FM can help you with your publicity spot to guarantee a professional quality in the broadcast message.

Various programming includes :

• Educational programs on a variety of topics such as cultural affairs, the business world, employment and topics concerning women
• A large variety of musical styles including traditional French music, French rock, folk music and even hip-hop
• View our schedule online.
1. Radio marketing Guide & Fact Book, Copyright 2001 Radio Advertising Bureau : New York, NY
2. Copyright ComQUEST Research, April 1995, Montreal, Adults aged 18+, anglophones and francophones.

Advertising rates

7 to 9 a.m and 3 to 6 p.m. (weekdays)
15 seconds $ 16,00
30 seconds $ 25,00
45 seconds $ 36,00
60 seconds $ 45,00

9 a.m. to 3 p. m. (every day*)

15 seconds $ 14,00
30 seconds $ 20,00
45 seconds $ 29,00
60 seconds Valid from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m Saturdays and Sundays. $ 36,00

6 p.m. to midnight

15 seconds $ 9,00
30 seconds $ 14,00
45 seconds $ 20,00
60 seconds $ 25,00

Midnight to 7 a.m.

15 seconds $ 4,00
30 seconds $ 8,00
45 seconds $ 11,00
60 seconds $ 14,00
Sponsorships (per day)*
Weather X 6
*morning and drive home shows 90,00 $
Production costs
Audio production
(client supplies script) $30,00
Translation (per word) 0,30
Script writing and audio production $ 70,00